Consider the recommendations and decide what fits your home and setup. Preparing in advance is ideal so you can begin the training immediately and consistently.  Puppies typically will not potty where they sleep so give them a bed and a place to potty and you are on the right track.  Confinement is good to a certain point depending on how many hours they are left confined. Crated through the night makes sense so that they will whine to let you know they need to potty unless they can find a place to go without going in their bed. (1) A small crate (18 in ) can be placed by your bed so they know you are close by which will comfort them and when you hear them whine you can take them outside or to their pad, whichever your training method. (2) A medium crate (30 in) can still be placed near your bed designed for them to be able to sleep in one area and a pee pad area if needed to go potty during the night. 

At least one small crate is needed in the beginning to be used in the bedroom at night and then can be used for carrying to the vet and on trips. The next choice really depends on each individual family. A gated area or a larger crate where the puppy will spend most of his/her daytime hours which will give them room two play, food and water and potty in a designated area if those are your intentions.  You can still train your puppy to go outside to potty if that is your ultimate goal by continuing to take the pup out on a consistent schedule, out the same door, giving the same command, to the same area each time.

Crate Recommendations:


Midwest iCrate 18" 24" 30" Single Door with divider Under $20.00.  The double door is also an option for about $10.00 more. 

Richell Expandable Pet Crate -  crate and tray expands from 35.4" to 60.6" wide (adjustable to 11 different widths); sliding wire door

Richell Expandable Pet Crate


Pup Pee Poo Palace



I have the 30" Deluxe Kit in stock in Pink, Blue or Black or you can order the kit of your choice direct.


Potty Training Puppy Apartment

Save 5% with Discount Code: PPM27592

 Your goal should be to create a small area for the puppy to live in when not being supervised so that it is safe and won't have potty accidents where not recommended.  Too much space will result in these accidents happening. 


Rubber Flooring Inc. Dry Deck floor tiles or Dri-Dek Floor tiles from Revivalanimal.com, Petedge.com  - placed over a pee pad and it helps keep paws dry. You can purchase from me for $8.00 each.  Amazon - Blyss Pets Klean Paws $29; Amazon - Artificial Grass Bathroom Mat  $28; Amazon - Floor tiles $5.99, Artificial Grass ideas - Amazon  

Pee Pad Holder 

Pee Pad Grass

Dog Training Doorbells

The best way to teach your dog to tell you when she needs to go out by teaching her to ring doorbell. This is best taught after your dog seems to prefer to go outside to potty and you would like to give her a good way to communicate that to you. This works especially well for dogs who only have a few accidents or have accidents by the door. Teaching your dog to ring doorbell prevents her from needing to resort to such uncivilized behavior as scratching on the door or barking to tell you to let her out. These are Pet Heroic Dog Doorbells found on Amazon for $9.99


I feed and recommend Royal Canin Puppy X-Small or Mini until 1 year old and then Adult X-Small after 1 year of age. (PROVIDED IN YOUR TAKE HOME PUPPY KIT) On-line or search for locations near you.

Royal Canin Puppy SmallRoyal Canin Adult Small




Small healthy treats such as Old Mother Hubbard but don't over treat them as puppies need their dry kibble puppy food for their daily nutrients. There are so many on the market so look for healthy treats and stay away from red dyes.  The NuVet daily vitamin I recommend which is part of 1 Year Health Guarantee can act as their treat as well.

Old Mother Hubbard Treats 


I recommend Butler Schein Dental Chews (petite), which contains dual-enzymes for oral hygiene and should be available in the dental section of  your local VET. Also, Natural Lamb Ears and Bully Sticks (odorless).  (One will PROVIDED IN PUPPY KIT)  Amazon or Pet Stores

 Lamb Ears


NuVet Plus Wafers. Breeder referral only.  Not sold in stores. Can act as a daily treat. This is an immune booster. (STARTER PACK PROVIDED IN PUPPY KIT) On line or call direct 800-474-7044 and ask for Pamela Ext 266 Breeder Code #10077.

Nu Vet Plus



Small to medium Slicker brush with soft pins, Amazon - Glendan Dog Brush- Slicker Pet Grooming Brush (Pink or Blue)  $8.99


Amazon has a grooming kit for Small Dogs – Safe and Sharp scissors with rounded tip. Shears and pet grooming comb in set. $14.99


Whitening shampoo will keep the coat white and Oatmeal will condition the coat and skin especially in the winter (Alternate these). I like trying different brands and don’t recommend one over the other.  It is recommended to bathe your Maltese every couple of weeks and fully groomed at least every four (4) weeks.


I recommend a harness rather than collar for safety reasons.  View fabrics at Mr Wags to special order your desired fabric. I keep cute male and female designs on hand if you want to purchase directly from me or you can pick a fabric and I can have them make it for you for $25.00.

Mr Wags Harness Mr Wags IglooMr Wags Donut Toy



Seabreeze Petite Pens provides a lite weight fence that can be designed by size and height and they have a vinyl floor covering that protects your floor in case of accidents.



Puppies generally have 28 temporary teeth called puppy teeth or milk teeth that start coming in at about four weeks of age. They generally fall out between 14 and 30 weeks and are replaced by 42 adult teeth. 

Puppies who are teething may eat slightly less and chew more. Hard rubber or chews made especially for dogs are a good investment to prevent household damage (or your ankles). 

Even though the puppy teeth don’t normally last long enough to have any serious problems. It’s important to get your young puppy used to a dental care regime. Gently reach into his mouth and rub his/her gums and teeth. This will get them used to having someone’s fingers in his mouth and will make future dental care much easier.  I use a soft cloth or a kids toothbrush. 

Use toothpaste that is specially formulated for dogs. These come in a variety of dog-friendly flavors. NEVER use human toothpaste. You can purchase in your own local vet, online or a PetSmart or PetCo. C.E.T. or Enzadent Enzymatic Toothpaste; Complete Oral Care Spray or Gel.

If puppy teeth linger much longer than 30 weeks (7-8 moths), ask your vet if these need to be removed. Doing so in the same appointment as the spay/neuter will keep from going under anesthesia twice.



The Company of Animals - Pet Corrector

  • The Pet Corrector Stops: Barking, Chasing, Stealing, Jumping Up and Place Avoidance
  • It works by emitting a hiss of compressed gas to interrupt a dog's unwanted behavior
  • It is used and recommended by trainers and behaviorists throughout the world
  • The inert gas has no smell, and is totally safe and works on most animals including cats, horses and more
  • Free training guide, featuring tips and easy to follow instructions included in every pack

Found on Amazon for approximately $11.00

Pet Corrector



Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid toy dog.  

  • Reduces negative behaviors resulting from anxiety, such as whining and barking, through natural instinct, not medication
  • Recreates intimacy with physical warmth and a "real-feel" pulsing heartbeat which eases crying, loneliness and separation anxiety in pets
  • Helps puppies transition to their new home and sleep throughout each night
  • Disposable heat pack lasts 24 hours and is safe for people and pets
  • Pulsing heartbeat lasts up to two weeks of 24/7 use with two AAA alkaline batteries (included)
  • Easy to clean, the Snuggle Puppy is machine washable with the heart removed

Found on Amazon for approximately $40.00

Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy