Puppy Preparation

Preparing in advance is ideal so you can begin the training immediately and consistently.  Puppies typically will not potty where they sleep so you have a couple of options. 1) crate them through the night in a crate that gives them only enough room to turn around. This will hopefully cause them to whine should they wake up during the night needing to go potty in which case you can pick them up and take them outside or to a pee pad within your home.  2) provide a rectangular pen (close to your bed) that allows enough room for a bed on one end and a place to potty on the other end. A rectangular pen is also a great set up for where you spend most of your time during the day.  This will allow the puppy to stay safe with all his/her needs met (bed, food & water, pee pad) while you concentrate on cooking etc.


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Crates & Carriers & Pens & Gates

Most crates come with a divider which allows you to start with a small area and move it gradually as they grow.  

(1) A small crate (18 in ) can be placed by your bed so they know you are close by which will comfort them and when you hear them whine you can take them outside or to the area where you keep their pee pad.  (2) If you are a hard sleeper or just don't want to get up a night a medium crate (30 in) or larger can still be placed near your bed designed for them to be able to sleep in one area and allow a pee pad area for them to go potty if needed.  

If your puppy whines when you crate him/her at night then try to use a crate that you can elevate level with you while sleeping so that your puppy can see, smell and touch you.  If he/she cries you can put your fingers in the crate to sooth and calm the puppy that you are right there by their side.  Some may use this crate also for the vet and on trips or you may prefer a light weight bag or car seat set up for quick appointments and traveling. 





Modern Puppies Apartment 

The Puppy Apartment is a one bedroom, one bathroom home that teaches and trains your puppy/dog to always go potty in their own indoor doggie bathroom.

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Seabreeze Petite Pens 

A Lightweight exercise pen. Black vinyl wire coated panels custom fit for any size. Edge guards on top and bottom.   I have these available at my home for you to purchase or you can purchase directly from Steve at Seabreeze Petite Pens.  

I started with the 6 panels which will make a rectangle so that you can put a pee pad at one end and their bed, food & water at the other end. This setup is how I've raised your puppy. The larger one is even better if you have the space and want them to have more area to play.  

Waterproof padding sold separately.  Ask for Steve Porter

Use code: PPM1826 (6 panel) $100




Pee Pad Ideas


Rubber Flooring Inc. Dry Deck floor tiles. You can purchase individuals from me for $10.00 each.  I also keep on hand pee pad trays with mesh top that hold pad in place $30.00 each

Dog Training Doorbells

The best way to teach your dog to tell you when she needs to go out by teaching her to ring doorbell. This is best taught after your dog seems to prefer to go outside to potty and you would like to give her a good way to communicate that to you. This works especially well for dogs who only have a few accidents or have accidents by the door. Teaching your dog to ring doorbell prevents her from needing to resort to such uncivilized behavior as scratching on the door or barking to tell you to let them out.



Your puppy is eating Real Chicken & Oatmeal Recipe. These foods are not available in retail stores.  They are organic foods which contain no preservatives, fillers corn or gluten. They are the highest quality foods I have found. You can order bags online by clicking the link below and it will be delivered to your home. We recommend that you set up an automatic delivery (EZ Ship) for every 30 days so you do not have to think about ordering food. You can easily log into your account at a later date to adjust the amount or frequency as often as needed.  I would begin with a 10 pound bag (Small). First time customers can use the promo code INTRO4U to receive 20% off up to the first $100.  Setting up an auto ship (called EZ ship) for three wellness products with your food order in each order will always give you free shipping. See "My Recommendations" for ideas once on the PawTree account    





**When your puppy reaches 1 year of age you can switch over to other recipes that I have tagged under "My Recommendations" for Adult dogs.  

Our meat is sourced as follows:

Chicken, Turkey, and Fish - Upper Mid-West of the USA
Lamb - California
Duck - France
Salmon is Wild Caught in the pristine waters of the Bering Sea.

The majority of our ingredients are sourced in the USA   





Affiliate Disclosure - PawTree links on this site are affiliate links to help support the work we put into it. Visitors are not required to use affiliate links however the support is much appreaciated.






Best Bully Sticks

CLICK THIS LINK TO ORDER             http://i.refs.cc/Lz9hxoLH?u=1650903853991


Peanut Butter Roll Ups

6" Bully Sticks Odorless

6" Beef Collagen Sticks

Himalayan Gold Chews








NuVet Plus Wafers. Breeder referral only.  Not sold in stores. Can act as a daily treat. This is an immune booster. (STARTER PACK PROVIDED IN PUPPY KIT) On line or call direct 800-474-7044, Breeder Code #10077.


Brush and Comb



Shampoo & Conditioning 


 - Leash- Donut Bed- Igloo - Beds

I recommend a harness rather than collar for safety reasons.  View fabrics at Mr Wags to special order your desired fabric. I keep cute male and female designs on hand if you want to purchase directly from me and if you want to pick your own fabric just send me your 1st and 2nd choice and I can have them make it for you for and have it here when you pick up your puppy.   $25.00.  Debbie makes very nice Igloos and Donut beds with unique fabrics for all her products. Most of her products are special orders and her turn around is about 2-3 weeks so order early. Visit her website to view all of her many fabrics. 



Comfortable fit and with no hassle secure Velcro around neck and body.  



Other Bedding & Harnesses





Puppies generally have 28 temporary teeth called puppy teeth or milk teeth that start coming in at about four weeks of age. They generally fall out between 14 and 30 weeks and are replaced by 42 adult teeth. 

Puppies who are teething may eat slightly less and chew more. Hard rubber or chews made especially for dogs are a good investment to prevent household damage (or your ankles). 

Even though the puppy teeth don’t normally last long enough to have any serious problems. It’s important to get your young puppy used to a dental care regime. Gently reach into his mouth and rub his/her gums and teeth. This will get them used to having someone’s fingers in his mouth and will make future dental care much easier.  I use a soft cloth or a kids toothbrush. 

Use toothpaste that is specially formulated for dogs. These come in a variety of dog-friendly flavors. NEVER use human toothpaste. You can purchase in your own local vet, online or a PetSmart or PetCo. C.E.T. or Enzadent Enzymatic Toothpaste; Complete Oral Care Spray or Gel.


If puppy teeth linger much longer than 30 weeks (7-8 moths), ask your vet if these need to be removed. Doing so in the same appointment as the spay/neuter will keep from going under anesthesia twice.






Comfort and Soothing


Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid toy dog.  

  • Reduces negative behaviors resulting from anxiety, such as whining and barking, through natural instinct, not medication
  • Recreates intimacy with physical warmth and a "real-feel" pulsing heartbeat which eases crying, loneliness and separation anxiety in pets
  • Helps puppies transition to their new home and sleep throughout each night
  • Disposable heat pack lasts 24 hours and is safe for people and pets
  • Pulsing heartbeat lasts up to two weeks of 24/7 use with two AAA alkaline batteries (included)
  • Easy to clean, the Snuggle Puppy is machine washable with the heart removed


Flea Tick & Mosquito Detterent

(Treat your yard not your dog)




The Forever Dog 

(Education in Prevention Medication)


Spay/Neuter Recovery Suit



Stain & Odor Remover

Interactive Dog Training and Agility 




the Dog Hood

Like babies, puppies don't come with a manual. We are here to help! theDoghood is an online dog community platform to connect all Pet Parents.

The moment you download the app, it will plug you into a warm caring community of all the dog owners who are on theDogHood both in your neighborhood and beyond, without sharing any personal information.  You can ASK questions, find recommendations for services, find other dogs to socialize with, attend dog-centric events and share cute pictures of your pup, all with a click on the APP.  theDogHood makes owning a dog even more enjoyable with the AMAZING support system from theDogHood community. 

(Available on the App Store)




At home online training.





At home online training.